• It is accepted that most swimmers will enter into the spirit of the sport and their behaviour will be accordingly acceptable, as expected of any reasonable sportsperson.
  • The following code of conduct is to act as a guideline as well as a deterrent for those swimmers who believe that they may behave in a manner, which is contrary to the acceptable norm.
  • The guidelines set out below are therefore intended to maintain a strict code of conduct as well as to create a balance of sportsmanship, camaraderie and a healthy but fair spirit of competition.
  • These rules will be considered to be binding on any registered Limpopo club swimmer during any official swimming function (Club, School or provincial) or training session within this province or at any other venue.

General Rules

  • All rules and regulations as specified by FINA and SSA will be obeyed.
  • You must be familiar with the general rules governing the sport of swimming – visit Swimming South Africa website
  • You will respect the authority of all gala officials and observe all instructions issued by them.
  • You may make comments to the press concerning your own personnel performances. You may not make any comments to the press, in which adverse comments concerning any other swimmer or official or express opinions which could damage the credibility of your club, province or SSA.
  • Any unsportmanlike behaviour or cheating will not be tolerated.
  • No form of advertising is acceptable except that of the team and gala sponsorship advertising. All sanctioned advertising must adhere to the rules stipulated by SSA and FINA.[1]
  • Acceptable behaviour has many facets, all of them important for the ambassadorship of your parents, club, team or province.[2]
  • The use of official sports wear, leisure wear and competition gear as specified by your club or Limpopo during galas as well as on the podium is compulsory.
  • You will be neatly dressed at all times.
  • The use of abusive language or rowdy behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Vandalism of private or public property is not only offensive, but will lead to prosecution. This also includes the illegal removal of items from private or public places for souvenirs.
  • You are expected to promote swimming as a sport and to encourage your peers at all levels of ability to maximum participation.

Prohibited Substances

  • You will comply with the rules and regulations of FINA and the IOC governing the consumption of any substance, which can enhance your performance.
  • The consumption of any substance, even if legal, which will create the perception of performance enhancing is not encouraged and not in the interest of sport.
  • All medications as prescribed by a medical practitioner must be declared by the swimmer on the official form before any gala. This form must be presented via your club to the Limpopo Gala Secretary or the gala referee in an emergency.
  • The intravenous administration of any substance in public will be considered offensive. The use of the medical facilities or first-aid room for this purpose is compulsory and should only be administered by suitably qualified medical personnel.
  • You will comply with the rules governing doping tests.
  • The consumption of alcohol or the indulgence in tobacco is considered to be contrary to the spirit of true sportsmanship and will not be condoned, even if you are of the legal age for the consumption of these substances.

Provincial Representation

  • It is assumed that all registered swimmers are available for selection for provincial teams.
  • The selection for provincial teams will be primarily based on best times and recent performances during the current season and therefore all swimmers will be assumed to be training effectively.
  • You will be familiar with the swimming calendar for the season and hence be aware of the dates for provincial galas.
  • Any withdrawal from the team must be made in writing and if this is done for medical reasons, supported by medical documentation from a certified medical doctor within 24 hours of the consultation.
  • Withdrawal from a provincial team based on religious grounds will not be penalized. The non-availability of swimmers due to religious ground should be made 14 days prior to the selection of the team.
  • It is the responsibility of all swimmers to inform the selectors of any factors, such as illness, injury, lack of training, etc. which could affect their performance. This rule is effective prior to team selection and prior to participation in the gala.
  • The selectors could request a time trial for a swimmer if there is any doubt concerning fitness of the swimmer.
  • All withdrawals in writing must be made subject to the approval of the swimmer’s coach and club Executive.

Disciplinary Action

  • Violation of the rules and code of conduct may lead to disciplinary action.
  • In the event of disciplinary action you will appear before a disciplinary committee at a hearing in accordance with the club and/or the Limpopo constitution.
  • Code of Conduct for Technical Officials and Coaches


  • The code of conduct for technical officials and coaches are intended to ensure that no actions by these persons, will bring the sport of swimming into disrepute. The following extract from the SSA manual for Swimming Technical Officials (SSA copyright):
  • “Swimming rules exist for no other purpose than to regulate fair play. They are designed not only to keep the swimming styles pure and correct, but also to ensure that all swimmers in a race are subject to the same restrictions and limitations”.
  • It is therefore the duty of coaches to make sure that their swimmers are aware of the various swimming rules and the code of conduct. The technical officials should apply these rules in a manner, which will comply with the code of ethics.
  • It is important for officials and a coach to set a good example on and off the pool deck, at all times.


  • To promote and improve swimming.
  • To develop interest and participation in swimming.
  • To encourage physical fitness and improve the quality of competitive swimming.
  • To provide competitive swimming opportunities for all persons and levels of ability.


  • To promote positive attitudes.
  • To expand opportunities for training and experience.
  • To maintain honesty and integrity.
  • To encourage openness.
  • To acknowledge the use of good judgement.
  • To display decisiveness.
  • To demonstrate a willingness to admit mistakes.


  • All rules and regulations as specified by SSA and FINA or any body recognised by these two bodies will be obeyed.
  • The code of ethics as determined by the Officials Swimming Association, The Professional Coaches Association or any local rules specified by the Limpopo Technical Committee (appointed by Limpopo Executive) will be taken as operation.
  • Officials are to be neatly dressed, according to the dress code defined by the SA Swimming Officials Association.
  • At all times actions must always be in the interest of all participating swimmers. No action should in any way impede the performance of a swimmer. All officials and coaches must be familiar with the code of conduct for swimmers. Officials and coaches should not be party to any violation of the code of conduct for swimmers or any other rules.
  • Officials on the pool deck may not encourage a swimmer verbally while in the process of participating in any event. Any action, which will put any swimmer at an advantage or disadvantage, is not allowed.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking is not permitted on the pool deck.
  • The consumption of any substance, which could influence the judgement of an official on the pool deck, is not permitted.
  • The use of abusive language (including sledging) and rowdy behaviour is not allowed at any point within the pool area (including the deck).
  • All decisions with respect to the FINA rules and regulations on the pool deck are subject to the gala referee. All other decisions and appeals are subject to the gala committee.
  • An official may not leave the pool deck during the duration of the gala except during official breaks. If you need to leave the pool deck, the referee should be informed.
  • All officials and coaches should be registered officials, according to the rules and regulations specified by SSA. Any times and decisions recorded by unregistered officials will render all gala times unacceptable.

Code of Conduct for Non-Officials

Any person not on the pool deck will be considered to be a non-official or spectator. Although it is assumed that most people who attend galas and any other function which is under the jurisdiction of any swimming club and/or Limpopo, will behave in a manner which will be a reflection on the spirit of the sport. However, there are rules and regulations which are binding on the swimmers and officials and therefore any person who is at any swimming function should be subject to similar rules. It is therefore necessary for the spectators within the boundary of the pool area to behave in a manner, which will create a healthy sporting environment within the spirit of fair competition for all the swimmers at a gala.

The following general guidelines are therefore applicable:

  • The rules and regulations for swimmers, officials and coaches, where applicable, are relevant to spectators. All spectators should be familiar with such rules and any other rules and regulations governing the specific swim meet of that day.
  • At no stage may a spectator interfere in any way with any official on the deck. No action, which will in any way compromise the efficiency of the official, will be tolerated.
  • No actions (including verbal sledging) which will adversely affect the performance of any swimmer (this includes swimmers on or off the deck) will be tolerated.

Data Processor’s office is out of bounds

All complaints and/or appeals should be addressed through the proper channels. In the case of an appeal at a gala, the appeal should be lodged with the gala/deck manager. All other appeals should be addressed via the club in writing and addressed to the relevant official.

Any disregard of these rules will be subject to the normal disciplinary action. The disciplinary hearing can be referred to the gala committee, club or Limpopo Executive in accordance with the Limpopo constitution, whichever is the applicable body.

Procedures for Complaints and Appeal

  • The swimmers, parents and officials are members of clubs. The clubs are affiliated to Limpopo and Limpopo is affiliated to SSA. These channels are to be followed for all complaints and/or appeals.
  • Appeals will be heard in accordance with the procedures specified in the Limpopo constitution.
  • All complaints and/or appeals should be addressed through the proper channels. In the case of an appeal at a gala, the appeal should be lodged by Team Manager/Coach (only) within fifteen minutes of the disputed decision. All gala appeals must be lodged with a deposit of R100.00.
  • The gala/deck manager will present the appeal to the gala committee for consideration.
  • The gala committee will consist of the referee, chief judge, chief timekeeper, data processor, the gala/deck manager (who is appointed by the Limpopo Executive) and a member of the Limpopo Executive who will act as chairperson.
  • All other complaints or appeals are to be made in writing and submitted to the affiliated club of the complainant.
  • All appeals will be held in accordance with the club constitution or Limpopo constitution.
  • If the complainant is dissatisfied with the club decision, he/she has a right to appeal to Limpopo, which must be channeled through the club Executive. The club must refer the appeal to the Limpopo Executive with a full record of the club hearing. The club may not refuse an appeal to Limpopo.
  • The Limpopo Executive will consider the appeal according to the constitution and if necessary appoint a disciplinary committee.