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  1. All gala invites and rules and regulations will be forwarded to all clubs on receipt from Data Processor throughout the season
  2. Data Processor will submit closing dates for Limpopo
  3. Entries preferably to be done on TM and exported zip file forwarded to DP before closing date accompanied by PDF file with entries
  4. Entry fees to be paid with entries into Limpopo Swimming Account (not individually)
  5. DP then to process, and time permitting submit for final check before submitting to SSA
  6. Treasurer to then pay SSA
  7. All other rules as per circular received from SSA, i.e. late entries etc.


Selection committee consists of Coach Rep (Limpopo Executive) and 1 other coach, data processor.

The selection of Limpopo teams is based on times achieved by swimmers during the current season only. Should the selectors feel that a swimmer will not be able to repeat a time/times previously achieved for any reason such as illness, injury, lack of training, etc. that swimmer may be requested to undergo a time trial or perform satisfactorily at a specific gala/s before being considered for selection.

A team manager, coach and chaperone will be selected for each Inter Provincial gala. – LP to relook this ruling

In order for a swimmer to be eligible for selection as a member of the Limpopo team to compete at the SA National Championships, that swimmer must have achieved:

At least one qualifying time during the season i.e. As from 1 May in specific year, or at discretion of selection committee.

Regular participation in inter-provincials and galas with satisfactory performance throughout the season.

It could happen that a team is selected to represent Limpopo on a Sunday or any other religious holiday. Limpopo recognises the religious beliefs of individuals and a swimmer selected for such a team has the right to withdraw and under no circumstances will it be held against him/her for future selection. Note, however, that swimmers will only be awarded colours for galas swum.

A swimmer wishing to withdraw from a Limpopo team without a written notification that is acceptable by Limpopo, may result in that swimmer not being selected for future Limpopo teams. NB. Any officially selected swimmer withdrawing from a team without a written notification that is accepted by Limpopo, may not be considered for selection of the following Inter Provincial gala.

A swimmer who knows that he/she will not be available for selection to a particular gala must notify the Selectors in writing three (3) weeks prior to the competition.

A swimmer must be prepared to submit to medical and doping control tests when required to do so.

A swimmer must submit written reports on performance, training schedules, health and fitness, when requested to do so.

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