Swimmer/Official/Parent/Coach Registration

  1. Swimmer has to be a member of a club to register with Province
    Swimmer and at least one parent have to register with Limpopo (SSA) – just makes everyone’s load lighter if the duties are spread between parents during the season
  2. Form to be completed IN FULL for swimmer (parent/official details are completed on the same form) see links below print and on completion “Submit” (you should get a confirmation email if sent, if not try again), sign and give to your Club secretary together with Proof of payment – into Club account!! – for completion of process.
  3. Registrations will be submitted 1st and 15th of a month
  4. Copy of ID to accompany completed form (only if you didn’t register last year) emailed to limpopodata@yahoo.co.za
  5. Note to Club Dataprocessor/Secretary: Incomplete forms will not be processed and no registrations will be processed until Club Registration form is completed in full as well
    NOTE: Registration closes end of October, i.e. no new registrations after this date
  6. Banking Details: Limpopo Swimming, ABSA 4054438093

Club Secretary/Data Processor Procedure

  1. All Club Data Processors to have TM installed on their computer and then all registrations, gala entries, etc will be done via TM (If your Club has not got a copy – arrange to have a copy placed on your computer)
  2. Non-registered swimmers participating in a gala to complete the on-line entry form
  3. Request from LP DP procedures to set up a new database every year before you do anything
  4. Request TM Athlete Roster from LP DP when registrations take place before you do any entries etc.

Limpopo Rules & Regulations

  1. Swimmers required to swim 2 Age Groups & Champs and have 2 IM times on DB for qualification for entry to Lev 2, 3 and Jnr/Senior National Gala’s (TBC)
  2. Clearance to swim gala’s in other provinces has to be provided solely by LP Data Processor
  3. Entries and Clearance to be done by Provincial Data Processor
  4. One official for every 5 swimmers to officiate at a LP Gala
  5. Parents & swimmers to abide by LP/SSA Constitution at all meets
  6. No smoking in pool area
  7. Officials on pooldeck not allowed to cheer for swimmers in water
  8. Officials to wear prescribed white and blue when officiating


Elke geaffilieerde Klub of ligaam betaal elke jaar voor of op 1ste Mei ‘n jaargeld (affiliasiefooi). Vir die 2013/14 is die fooie as volg:

Club Affiliation Fees

1-10 Swimmers R500
11-25 Swimmers R550
26-50 Swimmers R650
51 & More Swimmers R1000

If you register before confirmation, please pay fees below and should there be a change, the difference to be paid after confirmation:

Individual Affiliation Fees:

PD, 8 & Under R350
Overseas swimmers R350
Disable swimmers R350
9 years & Older /OWS R580
9 years & Older (first time registration) /OWS R400
Trainers/Coaches/LTS Coach/Masters R350
Officials R100
Tranfering from/to new club R170
School swimmer R100

Alle swemmers moet jaarliks deur hulle klubs by Limpopo registreer alvorens hulle aan enige gala mag deelneem.

All swimmers, officials, and coaches registering for the first time must fill in a registration form, which must be accompanied by a birth certificate.


Vorms moet nog steeds vir swemmers wat in die verlede geregistreer is VOLLEDIG ingevul word/Previously registered swimmers still required to complete capitation form in FULL.

Swimmers Changing Clubs: A copy of the previous Club’s clearance letter must be sent to Limpopo at all times and if transferring from another Province – Provincial clearance also to be submitted.


When a swimmer is leaving the Province and would like to join a club outside the Limpopo Province, Club clearance must first be obtained then Provincial clearance from the Data Processor. Data Processor will forward to inquiring club/Province DP. The Transfer fee is applicable

When a swimmer would like to change between clubs within the Limpopo, Club clearance from old Club is required.
Please note that clearances close end of November and SSA won’t process any after this date.


Clearance required from University to participate in gala’s in SA. Data Processor then issue Provincial Clearance for swimmer to swim overseas and submits to SSA for their approval and await clearance.


A group of people wishing to register a new club must arrange a meeting with parent body and have all present sign an attendance register.

Complete Club Registration form IN FULL, Name of Club, Club colours must be decided here as well as committee.

A constitution must be drawn up and approved by all present – refer to Provincial/SSA constitution for guidelines.

When all this has been arranged and completed, copies to be sent to LP Executive (limpopodata@yahoo.co.za) who will arrange a meeting to confirm/reject membership.

Above procedures are then followed

USING ON-LINE REGISTRATION (READ!!!! AND COMPLETE IN FULL) to be completed by parent and not club or coach – for legal reasons

1. Click on link below, eg. https://www.cognitoforms.com/Limpopodatayahoocoza/SSACAPITATIONFORMFORINDIVIDUALSCLUBSMEMBERS complete in full, CHECK, then SUBMIT!!! I won’t accept unless submitted on-line!

2. Complete IN FULL and “Submit” button (it won’t work unless completed, but will show you where you have left out fields)

3. One parent/family has to register as official (provision made on form)

4. If new registration Email copy of ID to limpopodata@yahoo.co.za

5. If your form is completed successfully – you will/should receive a confirmation email from LP DP after processing

6. Registration will only take place once Club Secretary/School Secretary has confirmed payment

7. There are three forms:
a. SSA Capitation for Individuals – Club members (to be completed for club members) https://www.cognitoforms.com/Shamudatayahoocom/SSACAPITATIONFORMFORINDIVIDUALCLUBMEMBER201617
b. LP Club registration form: https://www.cognitoforms.com/Shamudatayahoocom/LPCLUBREGISTRATIONFORM

c. SSA School Capitation Form – School swimmer/coach/etc registration form: https://www.cognitoforms.com/Shamudatayahoocom/SSASchoolsCapitationForm201617

SCHOOLS – USING ON-LINE REGISTRATION (READ!!!! AND COMPLETE IN FULL – see tab Limpopo Schools) Nothing to be done until official notice received from LPA Data-processor

1. Please use the correct link: https://www.cognitoforms.com/Shamudatayahoocom/SSASchoolsCapitationForm201617 – if you use the Club form your invoice will reflect R380/R580 per child and not proposed R100!

2. Complete in full (that means both parents details and not coach or secretary or one parent) CHECK, then SUBMIT!!! I won’t accept unless submitted on-line!

3. Complete IN FULL and “Submit” button

4. If new registration Email copy of ID to limpopodata@yahoo.co.za

5. If your form is completed successfully – you or your club secretary/data processor should receive a confirmation email from LP DP after processing

6. If your form is not completed in FULL it won’t be processed! Onus lies with person completing form

7. Registration will only take place once School Secretary has confirmed payment

8. Registrations to be accompanied by at least 3 officials per school – complete form and submit!


FOR INDIVIDUAL CLUB MEMBER REGISTRATION FORM (please note that it is not necessary to complete a separate form for official registration):


FOR SCHOOL SWIMMERS: https://www.cognitoforms.com/Shamudatayahoocom/SSASchoolsCapitationForm201617